Why I wrote this Book!!
Man's Unofficial Guide to the Use of His Garage
by Thomas J. Neviaser, MD

          One day, approximately 7 years ago, as I was admiring how my garage had evolved to almost what I dreamed of, I had this unbelievable, weird urge to write a book about garages. I am a writer of sorts, but not really an author. I have written many medical articles, all of which I sincerely doubt you ever read. They weren’t that interesting anyway, you didn’t miss much, and, believe me, you will not find them in a bookstore of your choice.
          So, several hours before going to bed each night for what seems to be a very long time, I wrote the following pages hoping to impart the knowledge I had picked up over the years mostly from all the mistakes I had made.
          I have included many informative garage plan tips,  garage organizer techniques, tricks, all sorts of organizing ideas for "man things" and garage equipment in a your garage. If you are building a garage, there are some helpful hints here as well.
  Mixing all of these with some humorous stories and remarks, I think I have succeeded in publishing a neat little paper back that everyone will enjoy.
  If you truly want the man in your life to have a handy garage guide book or you, yourself, want your garage to be your castle, I’m sure you will get a kick out of this book.
              Thank you, and have a Great Time in My Garage!!


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     Women will learn a little about what makes a man  "bonkers" over tools, and they may even learn some of the mysteries of their man's garage that could encourage him to be a kinder and gentler soul when it comes time for those "Honey-Do" home projects!!!
      There is also a chapter with a "A Woman's Point of View."

     Men will find a humorous approach to many informative and instructive tips, techniques, tricks, and all sorts of garage organizer ideas for their "man things" (garage equipment) in their castle including "Must Have", "Should Have", "Wanta Have", and "Forget It" Tools . Inside and Outside Tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, drills, saws, wheel barrows, chain saws, loppers, mattocks, and many more great tools are covered. Chapters include a garage floor plan, electrical and lighting, and work bench set-up.