It has been said that “ a man’s home is his castle”, but as everyone, especially a man’s wife, knows it is really the garage that is his haven, his rest area on the highway of life, a place where anything goes so to speak, and his castle where he is king.
I have owned five homes, and it has taken well over thirty years to become comfortable with my garage. At this point, I know just about where everything is. No one else does, but I consider this the penultimate position to be in. Having reached this milestone means that no one else dares enter my domain for fear of destroying my overall clever construct of mechanical complicity and therefore reek the havoc that certainly will be thrust upon them, not to mention the possibility of actual physical harm if they upset the balance that I so fervently and painstakingly have established. In other words, someone could get hurt. Besides, if you set it up correctly, they will not find what they are looking for anyway unless the king allows them.
You may now be anxiously awaiting how many aspects of the garage there are.  However, as all other guides before this, it seems obligatory to review and try to understand the history of the garage before we can undertake the “specifics” that await in future chapters. It is important to do this because I spent much time and effort researching the subject that you, my captive and totally interested reader, will have to endure.  Of course, you could just as easily skip this introduction and ignore my discourse, regretting it the rest of your life.
“Garage” is a French word meaning “a place where one docks”.  Of course this relates to boats.  They appeared well before the car. Garage stems from the French word “garer” meaning “to make safe, protect, or shelter”.  With the invention of the motor vehicle, the French started to use the word for “a place to keep a vehicle in”.  When the automobile became popular in the early 20th century, the British borrowed, actually stole, the term.  Its definition in the Oxford English Dictionary is “ a building, either private or public, intended for the storage and shelter of motor vehicles while not in use” and soon included “ a commercial establishment that sells petrol, oil, and similar products and frequently also undertakes the repair and servicing of motor vehicles”.
The first printed use of the word “garage” seems to have been in London from an issue of the “Daily Mail”, January 11, 1902:  “The new ‘garage’ founded by Mr. Harrington Moore, honorable secretary of the Automobile Club…the garage which is situated at the City end of Queen Victoria Street….has accommodation for 80 cars.”  A “Motor Garage” was advertised in the Times publication in March of 1902, and A.C. Harmsworth et al was mentioned in ‘Motors’ describing “the simplification of the motor engine and the establishment of garages…in stations or ‘garages’ where a number of cars are kept”.  As you can see, the garages originally were commercial undertakings for parking vehicles followed very closely by the repair and maintenance of these automobiles. Later in the early 20th century, the human’s love affair with the automobile eventually forced the owners to shelter their own vehicles from the elements, and man began to use his barns and other out buildings on his properties to protect his investment.  

                                                WHAT IS A GARAGE REALLY FOR?

Webster’s Dictionary defines the garage as a “housing for an automotive vehicle”.  It has already been stated that a man’s garage is his castle. He is the king of this domain, right??  Do we men dare put automobiles in a castle?  NO WAY!  If you want a nice neat space for your car and nothing else, you probably need not read any further, but you bought this book or someone bought it for you, so keep reading anyway. When you are through with the book, please be so kind as to leave it in full sight for the next good hearted soul to read, like on the back of the potty.
            Cars just take up too much space in a garage leaving minimal room for those important things a man needs to continue being king in a domain so unfamiliar to the outside world.  There is only one question here:  What do you really want in your garage?  Your beloved four-wheel chariot or those all important “man things”? The other question, of course, is: Can the car(s) exist with “man things”?
Since this book does not end here, you know that the answer is “man things”’ need to be in the garage, and the point of this book is to give some hints as to a cleverly designed, organization of a garage so that you may have the best of both worlds.  Now, this is getting exciting, isn’t it! Follow me now into a world of garage adventure. This is going to be fun!!
For all of you who have enough of that green stuff to have a home with a three car garage, this will be a piece of cake, and you get to eat it too, but keep on reading, and you three-car guys may learn a little.  But, for you guys out there who are not so well off, you must use your ingenuity and basic survival instincts to obtain that ultimate goal, your dream castle, “the perfect garage”.  By the way, it will never be perfect.  There is always room (excuse the pun) for improvement.  That’s what makes it fun.  Move it there, buy this tool, throw this out, buy another tool, replace that, move it over there and back again.  The fun is about to begin.

  I hope this sample has interested you enough to read the entire the book!!


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