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This section deals with all sorts of uses, specifications, sizes and just about anything to do with tools.The venue will change periodically so you can return over and over to get some, hopefully, valuable information that you can actually use in your everyday life in your garage.
Today's Tool Information:

Power Tools:  There are hundreds of power tools for you out there. Which ones are for you? I will try to give you some basic information that I have learned from experience.

1. The heavier the tool, the better made it probably is.
2. The cheaper the price,the cheaper it is made on the average.
3. Therefore, the more it weighs and the more it costs, the better it will function.
4. Unless the manufacturer's name is well known, the more colorful it is, the cheaper it is.
5. Volts are for cordless tools, and Amps are for tools with cords.
6. Mitre saws and circular saws should be 13 amps are more
7. Hand Drills and Jigsaws should be 5 to 5.5 amps
8. "Variable Speed" is a must
9. 9.6 volts for most cordless items is good. Less than 9.6 is usually inadequate.
10. The higher the volts, the tougher it is.
11. Get a charger that will charge your battery quickly.
12. Best to have 2 batteries and 1 always charged.

If you have questions, I will try to answer them. Please go to the contact page to do so.
I can't promise that I will be able to answer all questions, but I will try my best and even do some research for you to get some type of answer for you.
           I am not a "Jack of all Trades" and certainly not a master of any.
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